Dx-Web™ is a suite of products that can be implemented in medical practices as an integrated system, or as stand-alone products depending on the work-flow of any given practice. Providers may opt for implementing one Dx-Web™ product today and add additional products at a later time. Because the full line of Dx-Web™ products have been designed as integrated applications, they are seamlessly interoperable.

Moreover, Dx-Web™ has the ability to interface any of its products to other systems that a practice utilizes. The interface engines that allow Dx-Web™ applications to integrate to other vendor's systems have been built and tested for 112 Practice Management, Electronic Health Records, RIS, PACS and eRx systems. A medical practice can utilize its Billing and Practice Management system, for instance, but add DxScript™, DxEMR™, DxECHO™ or DxRAD™. All the possible options have been considered by Dx-Web™ Medical Advisory Board and Engineers to allow for flexibility and interoperability. The result is that a medical practice will realize its existing investment to the fullest extent and purchase only those application(s) that it needs thus saving time and money in implementation and application costs.


Dx-Web™ applications are computer ready and fully mobile. They allow the physician to order and/or view diagnostic information, Lab Results (CPOE), Cardiology/Radiology Images and Reports, prescribe and much more. We utilize up-to-date HIPAA compliant connectivity over a secure connection. We support the following mobile devices: